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Monday, February 13, 2006

How Not to Use the Quiz

Don't use my quiz to cause trauma in another's life.

From "I Don't Have a Thing to Wear" The Psychology of Your Closet, by Judie Taggart and Jackie Walker:

Guessing another person's persona can be a slippery slope, so don't turn it into a parlor game. After reading or hearing these descriptions, most women know in their deepest being exactly what fashion persona or mix of personas they possess. Woe be unto friends who tell them, "I'm sure you are a ______".
People can become testy when identified incorrectly ...

In my own life, some of my most traumatic moments have come from being misunderstood. Like the time my husband and I were buying a pregnancy test and the checker was shocked that we were a couple. (I'll tell you another day how my wardrobe changed as a result.)

Or when I took a DISC test with a group I work with and was the lone "I". Even more distressing, the "boss" had a hard time seeing me that way. He has, however, graciously kept me around and adjusted my assignments accordingly.

Categorizing people into fashion personalities, learning styles, personality models, or any other similitudes, is merely a tool. As a tool, it's utility is primarily to the individual, in understanding self. Remember, there are not four different kinds of people in the world, or six, but many.

I prescribe a personal idiom. Be yourself. And be gentle with one another.


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