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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lifestyle Segmentation

Picking up the thread I let dangle in the comments to my recent post,The Demise of Retail as Therapy, I will define what I mean by "lifestyle segment". Simply put, different activities demand different clothes. Lifestyle segmentation breaks them down into four categories: leisure, casual, business, and social.

Leisure = The least formal. Includes all athletic-wear and shorts. Jeans are usually leisure, and always when worn with athletic shoes, message t-shirts, and sweatshirts (including polar fleece).

Casual = Nicer, but still fairly relaxed. Due to geographical variations, I prefer to not define this category too precisely. Lunch with your boss, your pastor, or your grandma requires casual clothing. Business casual fits here.

Business = Formal business clothing is mostly suits and "jacket outfits", sometimes tailored skirts or dresses.

Social = Clothing for social occasions includes floral dresses such as those worn by wedding guests, cocktail dresses, and ball gowns.

At times, especially out here in the Great Northwest, I have been known to lament the lack of opportunities to get dressed up (see my previous post,Flashback). When I ask you what I should wear, I don't want to know if I can wear my jeans. Can I wear my ball gown?


Anonymous Rachel said...

I miss dressing up as well. I'd like to see a "Formal Friday" start up, but I know it'll never happen. sigh.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

OK, know this is an old post but was following some linkbacks from todays post and wound up back here :)

Just wanted to say that the ONLY reason I joined a sorority in college was so that I would have 2 formals a year to go to :) I just love to dress up. . . .

12:28 PM  

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