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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

At one time or another we've all asked the question. Does this make me look fat? It might. Is it:

1) The wrong silhouette, or shapeless altogether? See A Pre-School Geometry Lesson.

2) Too small? See Would You Like Another Roll ... .

3) Put together in such a way that it creates a focal point where you would rather not have one? Like the wannabe glamourous young lady in black pants and black sweater, swath of white lace encircling her hips & derriere?

(A friend of mine used one of these long shirts with the lace hem to create a much more flattering look: matching the lace to the color of her skirt, she created the effect of a coordinating lace belt, and wore a contrasting top over.)

If creating a slimmer appearance is your foremost fashion concern, the book Does This Make Me Look Fat?, by Leah Feldon, may be worth investing in. Read a lengthy excerpt at her website.


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