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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More on Apparent Body Size

Laura left a fascinating comment my post Apparent Body Size. I didn't want anybody to miss it, so here it is:

I think that frame size has a LOT to do with it. I have two sisters who are within an inch of each others' height and within a few pounds of each others' weight.

Yet one of them is apparently-tiny, and one of them is apparently-strapping. Tiny has a small frame, delicate features, and carries most of her excess weight where it can be easily disguised. Strapping has a broad, strong-looking frame, large hands and bosoms, and some facial softness that makes her look like she's carrying around a few extra pounds.

It's not just clothing size that people guess, either. People often perceive Strapping as several inches taller than Tiny. Heck, people perceive *me* as taller than Tiny, and I'm shorter -- but like Strapping, I've got a broad, solid frame to Tiny's narrow, delicate one.

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing, Laura. Now I'm going to be analyzing everyone's apparent size by looking at their face. Anybody else?


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