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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Taut vs Drapy Fabrics: Combining for Congruence

This vest is on sale at Gap. Click on the picture to buy. Contact me if you need a place to have it shipped to. :)
Gap Long cable knit vestMaybe we're all sick of discussing taut vs drapy fabrics and relating them to the body, but I still have a few ideas left in my brain that make some sense. After that, I throw up my hands and declare, "cashmere and stretch cotton for everybody!"

As I explained in this recent post, my own body-type, speaking now of fleshiness vs angularity, is combination: straight on top, curvy on bottom. What about the combination pictured makes it so right for me?

  • The crispy white shirt, which is what I need most and should buy with my remaining birthday money, would both support and hide the straight lines in my upper body.

    (What could be grosser than a smooth, drapy, lightweight tee-shirt with collar bones showing through? Okay, maybe a smooth, drapy, lightweight tee-shirt with rolls showing through. But it's close!)

  • Although barely visible here, the jeans appear to be more on the softly broken-in side. And clearly heavier weight than the crispy white shirt.

    I'm beginning to suspect that my distaste for drapy fabrics on bottom is because the fabrics I am picturing are too lightweight for my body-type. In terms of jeans, softer, either because of wear or spandex, seems better.

  • The vest, being both soft and medium-weight, seems to link the top and bottom harmoniously.

    And note the patterning created by the combination of vertical ribbing and cables. Because my face is primarily vertical, with some rounded features, this is good. All cables, however, emphasizes the tip of my nose. Crazy!

Actually, there are a few other things I like about this combination as well, but since I'm not writing a book here, I'll stop now.

Your turn. Does this give you any ideas?


Blogger Beck said...

It IS a cute vest. You know, I'd never thought of ordering from American shops and then having them shipped to American friends before, for them to forward onwards - der, me! That's a smart idea.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Can you not order from While I was sort of hoping you'd just order it, have it sent here, and let ME keep it, I do have a shipping scale and all that, so if you couldn't get it, I really could do that.

I think before I order it for myself I'm going to start looking at the vest sections of the thrift stores. :)

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Vildy said...

I'm curious if you'll find this in a thrift store (my own preferred shopping place). I'm in love with the proportions of this scoop neck. To me, it's very new. I saw a black jumper with this exact cut pictured over a white shirt and it balances it out so much better. You don't get that varsity jacket look that most jumpers create where you have the garment and the totally unrelated sleeves. It's the "right" amount of shirt, the "right" amount of dress. You probably know what I'm trying to say better than I do from all your discussion about proportions.

6:08 AM  

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