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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Flashback: A Between My Peers Classic

Attending this holiday event has become an annual tradition. I'm afraid I'll be curling my hair today!


Flashback to last Thursday, that is. I just can't get over how slim and elegant some of the ladies looked at the event I attended. How they did it:

  • Each one created an outfit with unbroken lines within her natural silhouette.

  • The ubiquitous notion that dark colors make everyone look slimmer really works for dimly lit evening affairs- but NOT for swimsuits!

  • Obvious reflective elements, like glued on little mirrors or glitter, caused their outlines to be less distinct.

Something else about this event that was fun: it was ladies only! No flashbacks to the high school dance, when you were all decked out and your date arrived in a sweater.

Use these tips to put together your own holiday ensemble.

More later!


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