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Monday, December 04, 2006

Between My Peers Classics: The First Formula

Continuing from last December's archives:

The First Formula

There are those who think it amusing that I actually have formulas and mathematical equations that I use for shopping. Like the one I use to make sure I have the minimum of certain key pieces. Since I wear a wool sweater just about every day that it is below 40, today (7 degrees) is the day I will stop, count, and calculate whether I have enough. Just in case you weren't absolutely certain that I was nuts, here's what I do:

a) Figure out my laundry cycle. What's the longest number of days something might sit in the hamper before it's ready to be worn again?

b) Calculate the percentage of days that I need to be able to wear this type of item.

c) Estimate how many days I can wear something before washing it. (When I had babies, I would estimate how many changes of clothes I needed per day.)

The math:Multiply a and b, and then divide by c. Or if you are a mother of preschoolers that last operation would be a multiply. I hope you get it. I need to go shopping.

Here's a post where I used the formula to calculate how many jeans one needs.


Blogger Wendy said...

I think it's great! Different people have different strengths. I make more choices in an intuitive way, but like you, it's very important that I have enough jeans to (a) wear and (b) minimize laundry. Because they are an essential part of my "uniform", as are sweaters ...

9:58 AM  

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