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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Begin to Define Your Idiom

Three arenas concern us when selecting our clothes: self, others, and the demands of the day. Rank the following statements, two representing each arena, and begin to define your idiom:

1) Looking fabulous is the chief aim of every ensemble.
2) I love comfortable clothes and want to feel good in whatever I wear.
3) Preferably I should not stand out in a crowd.
4) I gotta be unique!
5) Appropriately and stylishly dressed is how I wish to be perceived.
6) What are we going to be doing? I can't get dressed without knowing first.

How'd you do? Can you select one or two of the statements as reflecting your philosophy of dressing? Stick to your priorities and avoid looking like a three-ring circus.


Blogger Beth said...

For me, #5 and #6, in that order. Which is kind of tricky, because in order to be appropriately dressed one must know what the day holds.

I have the not-unique problem of spending my mornings with young children and their various potential messes, and my afternoons in a professional environment that ranges from very casual to what I would call "northwest business." That means that "dressing for the day" is a real challenge. I often will dress in what I want to wear, but with my second choice of top, just in case my daughter soils it. Then I can (if I remember, and have time) switch to the favorite top just before leaving for work in the afternoon.

But what I most want is to be considered appropriately and stylishly dressed...

7:42 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I may revise statement #6, but your answer reveals which classic: contemporary (I knew that).

"Northwest business", yeah, that's a useful term. I wonder if it's much different west vs. east. My little "backwoods burg" runs pretty stylish (but don't tell anybody in Seattle).

Inchin' toward the quiz ...

8:51 PM  
Anonymous MOM said...

When forced, I must admit to wanting to be a 3/5 with a hefty dose of 2. I'll never be a 1; but don't want people to consider me an eye-sore, either. The 5 (for me) is moderated by removing 'stylishness,' and since I think we're all unique, I suppose ....
And there is ALWAYS an element of need to know and what's the weather like. I won't wear the same items to church that I wear to stain Red Rock chairs, even in the middle of the winter. hmmmm Three-ring circus, eh? Well, maybe.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

If you remove the word "stylish" from #5, it becomes #3. Mom, you are more congruent than you think!

9:05 AM  

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