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Thursday, January 26, 2006

What Not to Wear ... Casual Friday

What are you going to wear tomorrow? For some of us, that question takes us back to high school, when we wouldn't wear a dress without a friend doing the same. But that's not my reason for asking. Tomorrow is "Casual Friday".

In my previous post on lifestyle segmentation, I declined to define the casual lifestyle segment with too much precision. Now I'll get more technical.

The following should never be seen in a professional context:

1) White tennis shoes (I prefer the Canadian term runners). Exceptions for work-related athletic events, of course, or moves, building projects, etc.
2) Message t-shirts. If you are out of college, these are purely weekend wear. Over 55 and still wearing them? Try the applique and embroidery look instead.
3) Jeans with holes or seriously discolored knees. No blood, bleach, or motor oil, either.
4) Sweats. Would anybody really think about it anyway?

Be thankful, people. In my former professional life, men wore suits everyday and women were not allowed to wear pants at all. Casual Friday is an opportunity for people who work in formal business environments to relax a little, say to wear khakis and a button-down or slacks and a sweater. Let's not throw all professionalism out the window.


Blogger dug said...

Is this is supposed to be a 'dressing' or a 'turkey'?

I say that it is smacking the edge of 'turkey'in my world, if it ain't sunk as deep as a meat thermometer.

I prefer blood over sweaters any day, unless I am too cold to care, and motor oil matches most of my clothing. It stiffles my perticular idiom to be restricted by the inhibiting feeling that I could damage my garments, my shoes could fall off, my pants fall down...but I gave it up for my day job.

11:15 PM  

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