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Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Demise of Retail as Therapy

Retail therapy. Supposedly that's when people go shopping to make themselves feel better. In the real world, where most of us live, shopping just can't do that anymore. It's confusing, depressing, exhausting and, as often as not, futile. Who hasn't spent hours looking for something that should be easy to find, only to find rack after rack of the same old not-gonna-do-it garbage?

Yesterday I stumbled across this post, detailing one shoppers frustrations. Although the author speaks from the point of view of a large woman, most of us can relate.

Which brings up an important question: Where would you shop if money were no object?

(Consider that question now, and find out when to expect the lowest prices in those stores. Maybe the first week of February you can afford to shop there.)

More and more women say they seriously hate shopping for clothes. What about you? Is retail therapy or does it make you need it?


Blogger Beth said...

Retail therapy for me, now, is about buying cute things I don't need. Not necessarily clothes, but sometimes clothes. Often it is kitchen or house stuff. My favorite "retail therapy" store has always been Target. Luckily, the closest one is an hour away and I only go about once or twice a year, and never alone. Sometimes I use Swain's (local general store) as retail therapy.

Buying clothes was a lot more fun and productive when I was 40lbs lighter. Now it is just depressing (I agree with that other poster about plus sized clothing). Being a "classic" dresser, I would probably shop Talbots if money were no object. But that is strictly based on their marketing as "always classic." I haven't been in a Talbots store in about 15 years, and their website is not especially user friendly.

Where would *you* shop, Rebecca, if $ were no object? I have a guess; let's see if I am correct.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Neiman Marcus maybe?

Okay, in my own small retail universe, I came up with the following, by lifestyle segment:
leisure = Eddie Bauer (although the colors aren't always just right), casual = Banana Republic, social = Ann Taylor, business = Nordstrom.

We could go shopping together, these stores are all in a row next to Talbots.

Did you see Talbots' magazine ad from the fall, with the four separate pictures under "What Kind of Classic Are You"? I could definitely wear the first outfit, silk blouse and straight skirt, but the last one, jeans and plush blazer, was me (in my mind, at least) everyday.

So what was your guess? Maybe you will give me yet a better idea.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Beth said...

Well, I guess I have been shopping with you a few times. My guesses were, in this order: Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom.

I did not see the Talbots ad, but would be interested. And yes, let's shop... maybe next fall. I will have to save my pennies until then!

5:29 PM  

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