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Friday, March 24, 2006

Mid-Year Crisis

Here in the mountains of the Great Northwest, it has turned suddenly spring. Currently raining, but most of this week has been sunny and close to 60. Rain is on the way, but for now we are feeling spring fever; I call it a "Mid-Year Crisis".

How do I know for sure? Aside from the fact that I heard it declared yesterday as I was walking down the sidewalk at noon (no coat, no silk skivvies, just wool sweater and jeans) ; the men are beginning to shave. Not just losing their winter facial covering; conservative office-types are turning up in gotees. (Who was it that said the '80s are calling and they want all the gotees back?) Guys, please don't start taking your shirts off.

For me, spring is always difficult in the what-to-wear category. After five long months in wool, the weather is still too cool and too variable for bare arms and legs. I need to go back to the personal idiom kick-off project and consider my uniform templates for this spring. Better late than never.

But my best advice for this weekend is to buy a girly dress. Stores have more stock before Easter, and you'll be prepared for those summer weddings and other social events. Mine is yellow, with a rose and brown floral print. And ruffles.


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