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Thursday, March 16, 2006

When Losing Weight

Designer Ella mentioned, in the comments on my Walmart post, that she was losing weight. It got me thinking about wardrobe strategies for those who are losing weight, which is just about everybody these days. A few random thoughts:
  1. When hitting the thrift stores, each item doesn't need to be perfectly current. Remember you are buying what you would have bought in the past few years, if you had been your current size. But don't spend much, you won't be wearing it long.
  2. You don't need much. I have several friends who wear the same few things over and over and look great. Remember this isn't going to be your wardrobe forever, it's okay if you get tired of it. You are going to be able to buy new!
  3. Since the fit is unlikely to be perfect, make sure all the other elements work: color, style, whatever makes you feel like yourself.
  4. Although it is easy to overlook under garments, a well-fitting bra makes a big difference in how slim and trim you look to the world.

When it's all over, remember eBay!


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