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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Getting back on track, after mixing alot of turkey into my dressing lately. I'm declaring a Spring Cleaning!

Of course, if you reside in the southern hemisphere, you would now be working with what we call "transition" (the change from summer to fall), I think, but my calendar announces the coming Monday as the first day of spring. Here in the mountains of the Great Northwest, where we actually experience four distinct seasons, I change my wardrobe over according to the calendar.

What I will be doing, I hope this Sunday:
  1. Putting away my wool sweaters. I will probably keep anything pastel and cashmere handy.
  2. Spring colors will move forward in my closet; charcoal grey and aubergine will move back.
  3. Biffing a few items. Some things are not in good enough condition to store for next year.
  4. Making sure I have enough socks. For spring everyday socks I prefer knee-high cotton, at least three pairs to match each pair of pants, and I love argyle!
  5. Identifying a few outfits to wear to church.

Closet organizing advice is everywhere. If you need it, find it and use it. My point is: pick a day and do it.


Blogger dug said...

I was thinking about cleaning out my mind, as well as those extra boxes I was saving to mail stuff in for Christmas, so I can regroup and come out fresh (Romans 12:2).

10:53 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Then you'll be happy to know that you are only a few days behind for "Thinking About Spring Cleaning Day", which was officially this past Thursday. Since you had to think about "the project from hell" that day, maybe you can think about Spring Cleaning this weekend. :)

8:20 AM  

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