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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sustainable Style Carnival

(Yes, I realize this outfit looks sort of boring. The reason is that my face isn't in the picture. Like pretty much everything I wear, the focal point of this outfit is my face.)

My entry to the Sustainable Style Carnival at fiftyRX3:

The jeans: I love these jeans. I bought them a few weeks ago, for $1, at Value Village. Now that I have been working with them for awhile, I find that what I thought initially was a compromise has actually turned out to be an advantage. You see, they are a long. So, they cover high heels nicely, or I wear them cuffed, or I just let them "puddle" or whatever that is called.

The tee-shirt: Also Value Village, but I think I paid $2 for this one. The great thing about it, though, is that I can wear it 11 months out of the year. I won't wear it in July, because of the dark color; but it is sleeveless, so I will pull it out again in August. The brown is a very usable accent color for me.

The jacket: Okay, I bought this new. But I didn't pay much for it (about $12 on clearance, with a coupon or something, at the Gap), it is usable year-round because of the color pattern, and it is 100% cotton (and washable). The funny thing is the receipt called it a "greaser jacket". What's up with that?

The boots: Truly vintage, my parents bought me these suede Clarks in England when I was in Junior High. A few years ago, I noticed them collecting dust in my mom's laundry room and have worn them about once a week for the past three winters. I did have them re-heeled and waterproofed.

One final thought about the recycle, reduce, re-use theme: much of our clothing consumption can be reduced simply by knowing more about what works for us individually. That is what this blog is about.


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