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Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Spring Template Project

I need to go back to the personal idiom kick-off project and consider my uniform templates for this spring.

The short version: sit down at the dining room table with a piece of scratch paper and at least one other family member. Brainstorm.

Racing through this project, it became obvious that I don't need much. I already have 3 pairs of jeans, 3-mile everyday shoes, and a crew-neck tee-shirt in just about every color I wear. Topped with a cotton sweater (or equivalent) for leisure or a blazer for casual, that will be my uniform this spring.

What's missing is a coat. Because of the variability of the weather (it's likely to be sunny and 60 when I leave here at noon and then raining and windy when I arrive downtown 7 minutes later for my walk), I end up wearing my wool "city coat" quite a ways into the spring. But the color isn't right.

So, while I am shopping for the perfect spring coat that I can afford, I am going to try this: a hooded windbreaker, topped with a fleece vest, with my washable suede jean jacket over the whole thing. Sounds crazy, but it just might work.

It reminds me of Danielle's question ("Just wondering, do the current colours of the blog match the colours you wear?") when I asked if the blog needed a makeover.

The windbreaker is pink, the fleece black, and the jean jacket is a chamois color.


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