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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How to Spot a Fad

Or perhaps more correctly titled One Way to Spot a Fad. Please leave a comment and share your method. Here's mine.

When you see a look that contains an inherent contradiction, it will probably turn out to be a fad.

At the very least, it will project a somewhat dramatic look. For example, a sleeveless turtleneck sweater, a 3/4-sleeve coat, stilettos with jeans, you get the idea. Which explains why the modern Bermuda suit is so much more wearable than yesterday's (corduroy or whatever) "city shorts".

When to wear it anyway:

  • When your personal idiom is high drama. Either your style personality is glamorous or trend-setting, or you work in a high-fashion arena.
  • When the look just matches you, for some unique reason. Like my pink-striped flip-flop necklace. Casual, and with a hint of a joke, the color and pattern on it are just right for me.
  • When you can be certain you are going to wear it so much while the look is hot that you achieve your cost per wear before it cools off.
So, only one question remains: How do you spot when the fad is expired?


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