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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bermuda Suits

Or should I say pseudts? har, har ... never mind.

Is anybody out there lusting after a suit with short pants? I've been seeing them in the stores and in the magazines, but have yet to see one in person. Thinking it through, though, how and where would you wear it?

Some (sum?) of my incomplete thoughts:

  • If you work in a conservative environment, just say no. Being accepted as a professional is far too valuable to sacrifice to fashion or fad. But if a suit with short pants fits into your business idiom, absolutely no leisure footwear allowed!

  • Wearing a single color or pattern from shoulder to knee is always the simplest way to create a balanced look. Choose shoes in your haircolor.

  • Anticipate wearing the jacket and the shorts separately after this season. Accordingly, the fabric and color you choose for the suit should be one that you would choose for a stand-alone jacket and for a pair of shorts. For me, that would probably be khaki; but white, black, or a pattern might also be an option.

Perhaps you plan to wear your bermuda suit to social events, like the one I received an invitation for yesterday . Of course, I was hoping to be able to wear the, as yet unworn, dress-with-beaded-neckline; but the invitation read: semi-casual. SEMI-CASUAL? What's that? (Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a suit with shorts, doesn't it?) Turns out, semi-casual was defined when the invitation was handed out. Semi-casual = no shorts.

That's okay, I'm sitting this one out.


Anonymous Wendy said...

I adore the short suit look! Last year I needed a new suit, so I opted for a black skirt suit (the blazer has blue/white grosgrain ribbon inside the sleeves and behind the collar). I eyed the matching shorts, but when they started to get marked down I haunted the store -- and when they came down to my price point, the sales staff called me. I wore them a few times last year, and once so far this year. And I am really looking forward to wearing them regularly.

As for cost/wear -- the suit itself can be worn almost year round, with the shorts changing it up in warmer weather. I wear or carry blazers all summer because I freeze in air conditioning.



4:45 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Good for you! If a woman is going to do the short suit look, that is just how it should be done.

About A/C: I know what you mean. It is often colder inside during the summer. I will often tuck a cardigan into my purse.

Thanks for coming by!

5:56 AM  
Blogger The Bargain Queen said...

I've seen them in offices around Sydney - they seem practical considering how humid it is here in summer. Everyone I know who wears them is an admin person though, so I guess that's who they're appropriate for.

As an aside, a friend who worked in Alice Springs (in the middle of the desert) said that men's bermuda suits were standard there... hairy legs ahoy!

11:41 PM  

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