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Monday, December 11, 2006

Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

On the one hand, and I'm pretty sure this rates abundant sympathy from my internet friends, my computer has "interrupted" its functioning close to a dozen times in the last 16 or so hours. Posting such, I hope to avoid having any of you worrying if I drop off the face of the planet for a day or two. Unlikely that will really happen, though. If this stone-age, ME-driven, desk-top beastie dies; I plan on asking a friend to build me a lap-top. Maybe.

On the other hand, I tried my daughter's three barrel waver and it just made my hair frizzy. Next up, the small curling iron.


Today, I am simply unable to bring up the "create a new post" page. Sorry!

If I have a working, blogging computer I plan to do a Friday Fashion Lab this week. Topic: pant-leg silhouettes.


Blogger Wendy said...

As I had severe technical difficulties for a month this fall, I can honestly say, "I feel your pain!"

Hope it resolves!

6:09 AM  

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