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Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Purse Now Available Online!

Finally, the purse I got for my birthday is available at Wilsons Leather online. For only $69!

Although it isn't pictured, I want to let you know that the navy is actually a very contemporary, very glamorous cyan. The brown, which I got, is only brown in bright sunlight. Most winter days it's a delectable deep plum.

Would if I mind if we had the same bag? Feel free. I did have it first.


Blogger Moi said...

That's a great bag! The color is very rich-looking.

BTW, thanks linking me. I've linked you too ;)

3:53 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Rebecca -- even if we took the same bag to your high school reunion??

I do love cyan! I bought a teal satchel myself last year.

5:41 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

He hee.

Yes, Wendy, I can honestly say that would not bother me. But I can't speak for anybody else.

The same dress? That I would be more squeamish about. But I get kinda annoyed with myself for feeling that way.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anne said...

Looks cool! I won't mind have one if I am working...

3:07 PM  

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