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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Who's Teaching Your Kids?

Anybody who is reading this likely knows that we homeschool. So, you are probably wondering what we think about all the homeschool/public school hybrid programs that are popping up. After looking into the hybrid in our school district, we decided it isn't for us (not now, anyway).

Considering the option, however, brought up some important issues which have been rattling around in my brain since then. Who is influencing the kids, and what do those influencers think about the things that are important to me? What jokes do they laugh at? What segments of society do they make fun of? Ideas are important.

Do your kids get more of their ideas from you or:

1) The TV? See my previous post TV or Not TV
2) Their peers?
3) Teachers? Sunday School teachers or youth leaders?
4) Siblings or other relatives?
5) Books or magazines?
6) Internet?
7) Music, what kinds of ideas are they absorbing from their favorite music?

Parents, you are the only one who thinks like you. You are the parent. Step up to the challenge and be your child's primary influence. Kids are worth it.


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