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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When Styles Collide

No doubt some of you ladies have been wondering about your husband's fashion personality. Does it clash with yours?

My friend, who shall remain anonymous according to proper blog etiquette, made functional look exceedingly elegant prior to marrying a genuine alternative dresser. Adding zany socks and trendy hair to contemporary clothes, she has crafted a personal style idiom which ties them together as a couple. Very romantic!

Go back and read my previous post What Not to Wear ... Casual Friday and its comments. Can you guess my husband's fashion perspective? Purely functional! (He has taken the quiz, but he especially enjoyed the descriptions in my post The Fashion Train.)

So, a few years ago, when I had my traumatic moment of realization that we did not look like a couple, I took action. I wish I could say I did it as smoothly and effortlessly as my friend. Alas, such was not the case. Swinging too far first one way, then the other, my pendulum is finally gently swaying inside my comfort zone: primarily contemporary, but with alot of functional.

Stop two on the road to your personal style idiom is optional, but likely to pay domestic dividends. Take your fashion personality and add a nod to his.


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