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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Levels of Embellishment

Clearly foundational to the individual idiom, but not necessarily part of fashion personality, is one's preferred level of embellishment. How much detail do you like? Jewelry, accessories, and embroidery are all varieties of embellishment.

Because I am a big-picture person, I am sincerely mystified by people's affinity for bling, bags, and other such wearable money-drains that do nothing to cover a person's nakedness. Yes, I realize I'm in the minority among the fashion-savvy.

Consider the following from the comments on yesterday's post:

Beth: "A little make up and jewelry complete the outfit and show that you cared enough to 'dress' for them."

Me: "Jewelry ~ You may be right about showing that I care enough to dress for them, but the suggestion still makes me cranky. Earrings, watch, and anniversary ring will have to be enough."

I prefer to let the big pieces do all the work.


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