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Friday, September 08, 2006

Building a Personal Color Scheme

Since we are talking about starting from scratch here, and I do not know Meg's coloring, I will illustrate building a wardrobe color plan based on personal coloring using my RLF with the many jeans. Clothing selections are taken from Eddie Bauer, because Meg mentioned nostalgic and comfortable as her style preferences and Eddie Bauer suits my friend as well.

In my post on developing a uniform template I suggest working from the bottom up, but for this color thing I am going to suggest starting with the jacket. Is that being double-minded? Because the jacket frames the face, and I've posted prolifically on selecting jacket colors, it's the easier place to start.

  • Resembling my friend's hair in color, this printed corduroy jacket would also be great for her because her hair is CURLY. The shapes in the print accentuate curls.
  • Immediately next to the face, a blouse with some color, but in the same color value as the skin can be most flattering. Can you see this blouse on a tiny, fair-skinned, green-eyed, freckled young lady? (BTW, I prefer to call them "sparkles".)Of course, I realize that many of us wear t-shirts most days. In this previous post, I run through all the colors of t-shirts that I use and why.

  • While black pants are a basic that works for many, and my friend is no exception, charcoal gray twill pants would be my choice for someone with softer coloring. Shows less dirt, too!

Links to many of my previous posts on color use.


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