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Thursday, September 07, 2006

How Many Jeans Does One Mom Need?

You may be thinking I accidentally posted this on the wrong blog.

While helping a friend "biff through" her clothes last week, I had the opportunity to test-drive my original formula for figuring out how many of one type of garment a person needs. Watching her pull jean after jean out of the drawer, I think I said out loud, "How many pairs of jeans do you need?"

"Well, I was going to ask you that."

And then I realized I knew how to figure it out:

  • "How many times a day do you have to change ...?" (She actually finished my sentence for me, "... because of spit-up?"). Her answer: 3 times per day. A normal number for a mother of a six-month-old.

  • "And how long could something be in the laundry?" Her answer: She does laundry twice a week. Translation: 4 days.

  • The math: 3 x 4 = 12. If she doesn't have 12 pairs of jeans, she'll be wearing something else when she's doing laundry that last day.

  • Oh. And this assumes she wants to wear jeans everyday. She does.
The fabulous Clinton Kelly and Stacy London recommend when you find a pair of jeans you like buying two and hemming one to wear with heels and one to wear with flats.

Me? I have four pairs. Dark straight, for with my Converse, long dark "bootcut", for with heels, and a longer and a shorter pair of these, for my most leisurely days.

Seems like alot to me.


Blogger Beck said...

12 pairs of jeans? Really? Sheesh. I am under-jeaned.
Hey, I just read Clinton and Stacy's book this weekend - it was a lot of fun and very helpful! I was amused to see that all of the male visitors to my house immidiately grabbed it and tried to find their body types...

2:21 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Hehee, that's funny (about the guys).

About the jeans: are you beyond the spit-up stage? Need for changes of clothes seriously decreases after, don't you think?

3:17 PM  

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