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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Return of the Salty Jacket

If you've been with me since the beginning, you will remember that in my early post A Salty Fashion Tip I prescribed wearing a blazer the color of your hair. Then, in Complementary Colors, I offered the option of using the complement of your haircolor instead. Now, I would like to further develop the theme.

First, a clarification or two:

  • Read the word "blazer" to mean any jacket or sweater.
  • Most of the color combinations I suggest can be inverted, the jacket color becoming the shirt color.

Using a personal coloring-based wardrobe plan, you would expect to be able to wear a jacket in any color present in your own coloring. You would be right. But here's the trick to wearing your skin color next to your skin:

  • Separate the garment from your face with a swath of contrasting fabric.
  • Choose an accent color from Beauty is in the Eye ... or use your lipstick color.

Would you like an illustration? How about a tan-skinned person in a camel jacket? Now picture that person wearing a crisp white shirt with the collar outside the jacket, separating the jacket from the face. A look both comfortable and chic.

And salty!


Anonymous Mom said...

I've always thought that camel with a tomato red scarf, shirt, whatever ... between camel and face would look especially striking; especially if you could wear the same red lipstick (and had olive coloring - which I don't)-- but, anyway... (How's that for run-on sentence?)
What about the above with black pants and boots? Other suggestions? I still have the camel yardage.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Black pants and boots, yes.

You, because you have light skin and hair, would want a shorter jacket length, waist or high hip.

The olive-skinned person, with black hair could wear a full-length jacket. (Because of length-balancing issues -- Cuisennaire Rods and the Golden Mean.)

Other color possibilities: charcoal gray and navy.

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate the clarification that a sweater could substitute for the blazer.

-- Slughorn

9:25 PM  

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