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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Click, Clique?

Since I consider myself somewhat of a "clique-buster", I found Pro-Bloggers list of ways to make your blog more inclusive inspiring. Thought you might too.

Currently I'm working on #4. Highlight Posts for First Timers, by filling in my "Basics" section in the sidebar. I perceive # 8. Leave Room for Other Experts as an "opportunity" (euphemism for weakness); how did I ever come to think I was an expert anyway?

And #7. Encourage Participation and Interactivity, that's what I really want. Any suggestions? I'm wearing my thick skin.


Blogger MegLogan said...

i have a suggestion.
MORE PICTURES, since you discuss fashion and coloring, I think pictures would be very helpful.

One thing I am really looking for is a demonstration of face coloring. Write a blog about coloring again, only this time, get different faces of normal people, point out their coloring to us, and use a color editor to express the exact hues you see, (well as closely as possible), to help us see that too.

When I look at skin the color I see is cream. Uhm, what else is there?? You seem to see much much more. Show us how to figure this out.

And I would also like to see more clothes in other styles besides your own. Like mine! lol, pictures of feminine, gentle, floral peices, and how to wear them. Pictures of before and afters, to help us see what fit and what kind of clothing is best for body types... etc. and how to use our colors correctly in a wardrobe. Maybe you could make little wardrobes for the different styles? maybe one or two in different colorings? or something... You prolly have a better understanding of how to do that than I do.

Thanks for opening the door for me to express what I would like to see.

Thanks also for addressing my questions, I did read and post but seems like my posts didn't get up or something.

Mrs Meg Logan

8:12 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Thanks for being willing to make suggestions, Meg! S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Some of those things are going to take actual WORK for me, and overcoming obstacles (like whose face to use:).

I do have an idea for a post, with face, which I will begin working on soon. But what is a color editor? Sounds like something I need to know about.

Sorry I didn't get your response(s). Wonder what happened to them.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Meg Logan said...

Im not sure it is called a color editor, but it is basically a colorwheel with every variation of color available, it is on the computer, it is like this
Hope that shows up.

Mrs Meg Logan

oh and I have no idea where to get faces, but I could send you a picture of ME in private and you could use me anonymously (can you edit this part out of the post??)

then no one would know who you used.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Meg, I was not able to use that URL, but I will keep investigating.

I think I'm going to try using Coutorture's pictures. They make them available to bloggers within their community, a big benefit. Right now, because of Fashion Week, there are quite a few.

But I would be happy to try to do something with a picture of you. Maybe if you sent it to me (I can't edit comments), I could just give you some color ideas privately. Anyway, you have my email ...

6:20 PM  

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