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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Boyfriend Shirt"

Okay, so this really isn't an example of the boyfriend shirt formula, his white shirt over skinny jeans, but the belt has my husband's name on the back of it. Does that count?

Random things I want to share about this outfit:

  • The shoes, which you have seen many times before, I wore because I always wear heels if I will primarily be sitting. Amy gets why.

  • The jeans are my "good" jeans for fall; my fall trousers, if you will. This is a better photo than the previous one, which was a little dark.

  • This is another example of the white t-shirt and jeans formula.

  • The pink shirt is an old Talbots dress shirt in a size bigger than I normally wear. Currently it serves as an apron.

Wearing this to a Saturday morning informal training event, I never felt inappropriately dressed. Now that I see the picture, however, I would cuff the sleeves up one more time. Fits my Type 8 silhouette better.


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