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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tummy Solutions

A reader question:
This is the first time I have heard of the figure type "8". It describes my figure exactly - or it used to. Now that I'm approaching my 70th birthday, I don't know what my figure type is -mainly because my tummy looks like I've swallowed a small watermelon. My waist is still 10 inches smaller than my hips. I cannot figure out what to wear with the tummy situation. Any advice? Pat

Just the other day I stumbled across this advice on Camouflaging a Tummy, from the CoutureCandy personal stylists. It reminded me of my previous stab at the topic, where another reader left this helpful advice:

I think it depends how tall you are- very tall women can wear long tops to camouflage a tummy but if you're vertically challenged its better to bisect your widest area ... I find fitted tops with a slight flare at the bottom which sit just above the hip elongate the body and take attention away from the tummy.

I would add one other thing, a major don't: Don't wear pants that come up high on the waist with a tucked-in top. That look just has the effect of magnifying the tummy trouble, throwing the entire proportion off. Instead, try by-passing the waist with a top that is meant to be worn untucked.

Or try this super-slimming technique: use a dark pant and top, that match, creating a monochromatic column, and top with a bright or eye-catching jacket worn open. Like in this example, from Coldwater Creek.


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Fabulous example Rebecca!

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