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Monday, October 09, 2006

Vocabulary Recycling Bin

Prior to publishing a list of fashion personalities, I had relegated certain commonly used terminology to the recycling bin, for ambiguity. Did you miss the terms sporty and trendy? None of the people I know who would fit into the "sporty" personality actually play sports. Confusing. And is a "trendy" a trend-chaser, trend tracker, trendsetter, or trend victim?

Now I find it necessary to ditch the term classic, as well. Not for ambiguity, but for its universal appeal. Who wouldn't want to be "classic"? Sounds like "classy", doesn't it? And Talbots' ad campaign, "What Kind of Classic Are You?", just makes it more confusing (just for fun, here's another one). Glamorous may have to go for the same reason.

I am seriously contemplating resurrecting the term romantic, though. In my recent posts, see What's Your Favorite Color?, I've kind of layering on the descriptors. Which do you prefer?


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