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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Frugal Fashionista

What does fashionista mean, anyway? I just think it sounds cool.

Last week, in my "hourglass" moment, I went to an exceptionally elegant event in a $7 dress. That is, a two-piece dress which I put together: a long, bell-shaped taffeta skirt ($1, with the tags still on, from Value Village) and a sparkly silk- and metallic- blend knit top ($6 at BJ's, the upscale division of Goodwill). I am not so much a label girl, but both were brands that I would not be embarrassed to name, if asked. Now, just so you don't think you have to shop thrift to be thrifty, my daughter was wearing a similar two-piece dress which I bought a few years ago, new at the mall, for about $65. Contrast that to the "same look, lower budget" stuff you see on TV! I have one fashion magazine (if you enjoy looking at the pretty pictures in fashion magazines, check this out) in my house with a "one look, three budgets" lay-out where the low budget outfit costs as much as I spend on clothes in a year!

It is never fashionable to spend more money than you have.


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