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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Note to My Face-to-Face Friends

Just a few little things on my mind today, concerning this blog. First of all, I submitted yesterday's post for publication on At 8 am PST, it was featured on the front page of the fashion section, with a great picture added. Currently my post is the top feature on the "at work" page. (Ironic that the editor initially approached me about sharing my content because she thought it fit her professional section well!)

Presumably this move should increase traffic. Hence, the ads. So far, however, I can still pretty much identify each individual who has visited The Space Between My Peers today.

Clicking on my own ads or encouraging you all to do so would be in violation of my agreement with Google, so I will not know what exactly is behind those links. Please feel free to notify me, however, if you notice something that I would not want; I do retain veto power.

Secondly, as this opportunity has caused me to again examine my motives for blogging, I encourage you to participate with me in considering the big picture. Is the information presented here of value to anyone beyond us? That would be the real motive for wanting to increase traffic. The mercenary aspect is just because I am praying for a laptop.

Last, but not least, I confess that I'm mystified by blog-itics (the politics of getting noticed in the blogosphere). The notion that value is measured by the number of other bloggers linking to you puzzles me; does that mean that because my sister and my husband own the only blogs that link to mine, my content is of little value? Still, I would blog, if only for them.


Blogger Danielle said...

Your words have intrinsic value, Rebecca. The longer you are around, the more people who get you will discover you, and the more links you get, the more people might bump into your little corner of the net. I don't take ads (though I've been offered them), because it's not important to me the numbers... it's meeting interesting people like you who "get it" that makes it worth doing! I went for eight months, with, no traffic and one link. Now I can't believe that that many people click on me. Congratulations on your Out2 article, I'm going to go read it right after I link you!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Thank you, Danielle, for reminding me that one of my main motives for starting this blog was to meet people.

It's your personality driving the clicks. I knew I liked you as soon as I found your blog. Reading it has also helped me gain insights into just why God created me, believe it or not.

Based on the fact that I really wish you were here to go shopping, you are honorarily now one of my "face-to-face friends".

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Almost Girl said...

I believe your words have intrinsic value as well.

The linking question is an interesting one, which often feels like a grand game of ego validation.

I started to blog simply because I enjoyed to write and then somehow a year later my personal blog became a real vehicle for my career. The internet is still a strange and growing place.

I am glad to have found you Rebecca!

11:14 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Aaaah! The sun is shining, I just came home from coffee with my friends, and I got a comment from Almost Girl. On the heels of a melancholy day when I didn't much care, today is definitely looking up. (And it's always nice to be reminded not to take oneself too seriously.)

11:45 AM  

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