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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Single Dress

In many of our lives, it simply doesn't make sense to own alot of dresses. Considering cost per wear, you may, like me, be motivated to get by with as few as possible. I do think it can be done with one; but maybe not the one you think.

I realize there are geographical differences of opinion, certainly if you live in New York feel free to use black, but in many areas you still risk hurting a bride's feelings if you wear black to her wedding. (I'm looking for a little back-up from you southern belles; most people around here look at me strangely when I suggest black is not appropriate wedding guest apparel.)

In any case, there are options. For a one-dress wardrobe, a seasonless dark, solid or print, with a summer sleeve (for me that is none) is ideal. Something simple and elegant, to be worn with pumps and a jacket in the winter and with sandals in the summer.

Having one go-everywhere dress on-hand doesn't mean I'm required to wear it to every event, it simply means I am not required to do emergency shopping.

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