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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pantihose: Do You Wear Them?

"In the business environment, hosiery is a must. Bare legs, no matter how bronzed and smooth, are not a substitute for legs in good quality hosiery."

Kerrie Scott, communication and image specialist.

But, since what we are talking about here is what to wear for Easter, I will certainly leave that choice to you, the reader, and what works for your own particular idiom. Actually, I spout off alot about the right things to wear, but a primary value of mine is the value of individuality.

That said, this technique for selecting stocking color works:

To find the correct shade of stockings, slip the stocking over one arm and compare to the other. They should match.

Or will you be wearing air stockings this year?


Blogger Danielle said...

Pantihose are awful. The whole sheer stockings idea is so awfully old fashioned, it's the sort of thing you only do to please your grandmother. Sheer pantyhose barely lasts for one wear, looks silly in open toed shoes, feels sticky and disgusting, and means you have to wear a slip or your skirt sticks to your pantyhose. This in my opinion is an old-fashioned nicety that serves no functional purpose. I truly hope that my generation will be the one to ditch pantyhose forever. In the 1960s it might have seemed like a huge leap forward but today it is just as dated as corsetry in my opinion.

10:44 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

"you have to wear a slip or your skirt sticks to your pantyhose"

That is the worst!

For the past several years, I have worn lined wool pants in the winter and cotton skirts, no slip, in the summer. Then, I am always cold this time of year. (Do you actually feel colder in pantihose than bare legs? It seems like it.)

Anyway, I would like to wear the Easter dress but not a slip. What do you think about just wearing the dress and the boots, without pantihose?

11:52 AM  
Blogger Henri-V said...

Oy! I am such a tights wearer, and I admit that I sometimes dip into the realm of pantyhose. They are extra warm under tight pants in the winter, especially if the pants are scratchy and unlined!! I occasionally do a black sheer hose with back seams and pencil skirts if I am going for a retro secretary look, but I am on my last pair of those sheers because they are so delicate. I do draw the line at nude hose where people can actually see them (with summer dresses) ... my legs are so pale I might as well wear white nurses tights as try to get the stocking shade to match the color of my arms!

My older sister cannot stand nude/skintone hose for any reason, like Danielle. She winces and foams when my mom dares to suggest that she put hose on for a night out. [We all call each other for fashion advice for big events.] We grew up having to wear hose to church and when we had school assemblies, etc. We were indoctrinated from a very young age that hose and slips are a must!!! Now they seem completely optional.

I am a tentative slip-ditcher. I see what I can get away with in summer skirts, but I have back-up cotton slips if I feel I'm getting the dreaded see-through silhouette.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

I do wear tights, or sheer black hose, in the winter, with a lined skirt. Under pants, I wear silk thermals.

Maybe I need to go slip-shopping. I have never had a cotton one, never really bought one (hand-me-downs). They are always "slipping". Thinking maybe a full slip would stay in place better than a half-slip, but I would have to use lingerie straps to attach the straps to my bra.

But, yeah, no see-through.

6:13 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

I haven't worn real pantyhose in years, although I do admire those women who combine the perfect shade with the perfect skirt and the perfect shoe.

My uniform for many years included black tights, and they are still my "hose" of choice, when needed.

7:51 PM  

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