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Monday, April 03, 2006

I've Been Misunderstood

Based principally on face-to-face conversations I've had recently, it has become obvious that there exists alot of misunderstanding surrounding the issue of necklines. In this post, I will use the glamorous Kristopher Dukes to illustrate balance point how-tos.

  • First, the picture of her with the giant soy latte: measure from top hairline to chin. This measurement approximates the distance from chin to the lowest point of the V. This is her first balance point.

  • Second, the picture of her wearing the muumuu: measure vertically, not diagonally, from the widest point of her face to her chin. This measurement approximates the distance from the base of her neck to the neckline of the dress. This is her second balance point.

Parenthetically, the hallmark of the glamorous personality, either in full or mixed as in the example here, is that, no matter what she is wearing, she always looks fabulous.

Obviously not everyone who reads this blog feels the way I do about modesty, but it appears that, among those who do, there is another misconception. To set the record straight:

  • When a man sees a camisole, he sees lingerie NOT CLOTHING. (Sorry to raise my voice.)

Only one other little thing: fashion authority. I have such a laid-back personal style that, I am beginning to conclude, I will never have it among the people who see me on a daily basis. That's okay. I began this blog as an outlet for my superflous words, and it works for me.


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