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Monday, April 10, 2006

Update to Outfit Number 2

Last Tuesday I posted what I planned to wear to various commitments over the weekend. Outfit Number 2, to be worn to the Parenting Conference, looked kinda boring in the picture (of course, without a face, all of them were missing something). I wore this shirt instead.

(My daughters and I have a practice of exchanging $1 for "hand-me-downs", that is, items that make their way permanently from the wardrobe of one of us to another. We also share freely. This shirt did not come to us originally from Abercrombie & Fitch, but from a thrift store; it was worn by a 14-year-old girl last summer with a cargo skirt and a little boys' clip-on tie. But, alas, the fit is no longer what it once was, and it is mine now. )

Some thoughts about how this print relates to my face:

  • The print here is all vertical. My face has a predominantly vertical appearance and I have straight, naturally multi-colored hair.
  • The stripes here are soft. My eyebrows and lips have a less-defined appearance, and my hair is muted. (The navy jacket I wore with relates to my eyes: dark and boldly defined by dark-rimmed glasses.)
  • The white-space relates to the facial space around my features.
  • There are two separately scaled elements in the print: the small to medium red stripe, relating to my features, and the minute stripe grouping, relating to the multi-colored character of my hair color.

(Reference for this section: The Triumph of Individual Style, by Carla Mason Mathis and Helen Villa Connor)

By the way, I got lots of compliments on the brocade Converse!


Blogger Henri-V said...

Hee, good about the sneakers, then!

3:44 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Yes, and what else is good about the sneakers is that they match my only athletic pants (pewter gray, the drapy kind, with white stripes). My runners can sit in the back of the closet for awhile.:)

9:46 PM  

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