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Friday, June 23, 2006

Find Your Colors

Today I'm heading out to the park with the ladies. If anyone were so inclined, it would be a lovely day for personal color identification.

Here's the project: Go outside and have a friend identify every color present in your personal coloring. Name them according to my mental color wheel (two variations of each hue: orange-red and purple-red, blue-green and yellow-green, and so on).

  • Eyes contain multiple colors. Look at the iris, the ring that rims the iris, any flecks, and the white.

  • Hair, either natural or enhanced, often has a wide range of colors. Remember to check the nape and also eyebrows. And what impression do the colors give all together? (That's where I get the taupe idea.)

  • In identifying the colors in your skin look for reds, oranges, purples, whites, browns, and possibly yellows or blacks; all very subtle, of course.

Here's the application: My best post ever on the topic of color.

And the shoes:
Chaco - ZX/1 Unaweep (Sassy) - Women's


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