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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Real Reason I'm So Happy I Have DSL

The history: I announced the switch originally in this post; hinted at the advantages I was looking forward to here; and bemoaned the two weeks it took us, being a geek-free household, to actually get the system to work in my apology post.

Since most of our tech-savvy friends were unavailable when I was really anxious to get back up and running, I had the inspired idea to have my kids call one of their friends. Figuring she couldn't really hurt anything, and she'd probably work for ice cream, what did I have to lose? About an hour later, we were surfing! She, uh, signed into her hotmail account. *?*?*

Anyway, enough about that, the real reason for this post is to share my joy with the rest of y'all. I found the Judson Laipply video!

(I got there via a site I found through Apologetix. I remember noticing HolyMama post a few months ago about the Man in the Orange Crush T Shirt, but sadly I was out of the loop then.)

I've seen it now. LOL!


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