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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Choosing Where to Shop

Choosing where to shop, these days what more important topic is there?

Recently I said this in comments:

Shopping these days is so overwhelming that going to the right place is half the battle. In thinking about where you go, the stores that most often carry your size is a great way to narrow things down, then style personality, then

The reason I'm thinking about this: I have a couple of friends, one IF, one RLF, who will be going shopping soon, both at largish malls, for some fall SAHM basics. I'd love to get reader input about where the most efficient shopping is.

  • Size: For me, being able to get standard misses sizes, but small, is critical (I have unusually narrow shoulders). Both of my friends need - oh how can I say this delicately? - more generously sized tops. We all have our figure issues, why bother shopping where you will only be frustrated?

  • Style personality: Are there stores where you consistently find nothing, where the sales staff doesn't even look at you, or where you feel uncomfortable? It's probably because of style personality. I'll let you in on one of mine: Christopher & Banks. But I totally recommend shopping there IF you sit further back on the "fashion train".

  • Price: If you are going to buy just a bare-bones wardrobe, and you can afford it, I just wouldn't worry as much about this. Assuming you are a Frugal Mom, or at least a sensible person who calls herself a tightwad, you aren't likely to get yourself in too much trouble going to the mall once.
Back at this old post I revealed where I would go. What are your go-to mall shops, and why?


Anonymous Danielle said...

That you, the angel of sensibility thinks I am a sensible person is such an honour!

For me it is a no-brainer - I simply don't like parting with my money unless it's a for a necessity, or for tools and materials. Shopping for recreation is something I rarely do. Even doing what you do, a semi-annual, planned trip, is something I've never done.

I would be fascinated to go shopping with you...

2:20 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

It would be loads of fun, Danielle, and lots of breaks!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like to shop Eddie Bauer because I like the more casual styles and because I generally find good fitting clothes. I try to shop the end-of-the-season sales for the best deals.

9:10 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

That's helpful, Jody.

Internet Friend said, in an email, that she also finds Eddie Bauer clothes to fit well. Real Life Friend has the same figure type as IF and I'm pretty sure the mall where RLF and I will go has one.

I always enjoy hearing from you! :)

9:21 PM  

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