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Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Schedule

Sorry, Crystal, we were talking about you. No disrespect intended.

But, as long as you asked, here's the rough draft of my daily schedule. Every August I consider myself more or less on vacation, as I re-evaluate where God wants me to go during the upcoming "ministry year".

7 - 8:30: Get up, showered, etc.
8:30 - 10: Varies by day. Monday I go to Value Village; Tuesday daughter and I play tennis with friends ... if I need to be out, I try to make it now.
10 - 11:30: Household functions, usually connected to previous. For example, Mondays I then sort and start laundry.
11:30 - 1: Everyday I drive downtown to my husband's office and we go for a walk together in the nearby neighborhood.
1 - 2:30: Seek God's direction for daily living through Bible reading, prayer, and journaling.
2:30 - 4: Blogging, the segment of my life which perpetually threatens to overtake everything else.
4 - 5:30: Food preparation (also could overwhelm everything else).
5:30 - 7: Family dinner, including clean-up, of course.
7 - 8:30 Varies by day: church activities or family projects at home .
8:30 - 10 Those last few things ...

Obviously this is the schedule of a global thinker.

My suggested questions to consider in building a schedule:

  • Where does your husband fit in? Are you giving your primary relationship your leftovers?
  • Is there margin in your life? That is why I use one and a half hour increments. I try to schedule only one hour's worth of work in each.
  • Are you getting enough conversation? How about your kids?

I'm open to questions.


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