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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Color Matters

Admittedly, internet research is not my favorite part of this gig. If you want me to blog about something that requires more technical information than exists in my head at this moment, you must persist.

And please do. As I have been seeking a simple way to convey more about personal coloring, I have come across some fun things.

But first, consider the coloring of the young lady pictured:

  1. skin: line #4, light pink (range: #FFD7E3, #FFD7DE, #FFD7E7, #FFCFDB, #FFD0D4, #FFD0E2). If you used this interactive color wheel, you would have to get the wheel as white as possible and then click on a magenta to find the color you see in her lips and around the hairline.

  2. hair: line #14, very deep red (range: #460024, #48001D, #490016, #4D0026, #4F001E, #500016). It appears almost green in the picture, but note the green walls in the background.

  3. eyes: line #16, dark red (range: #6A3A43, #6B3A3E, #763240, #763238, #82263C, #822832). Both hair and eye color are found in the red zone on the interactive color wheel.

More on this topic from me later. Right now my brain is bushed.

In the meantime, there's lots to play with at Color Matters.


Blogger MegLogan said...

Wow that is amazing.... never would have seen that magenta.

Does this mean that the woman ought to wear a magenta??

Any of those colors in those lines would be good for her??

Or what do we do now?

Mrs Meg Logan

11:43 AM  
Anonymous HolyMama! said...


i couldn't get the color matters link to work, but it might just be me.

i was emailing Blond Girl back and forth about this very topic when i told her she had to come read you because you'd know about this sort of stuff and lo! a detailed post on the exact topic!

2:41 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Meg: yes, she would wear magenta well. I think ...

Definitely the hair and eye color lines. Skin color is a little trickier, needs to be worn with an accent to separate it from the face.

But that is not meant to be limiting, more to come ...

HM: Thanks, I fixed the link.

Good thing Someone is scheduling these things! :)

3:09 PM  

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