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The Space Between My Peers

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I'm a home-schooling, bible-believing SAHM with an annual clothing budget of about $500 American. The Space Between My Peers reveals my secret passion: analysis of the art and science of what to wear.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Things You May or May Not Want to Know

No time for a real post, but here's some random stuff:

  • It was 35 degrees this morning!
  • My toe-nails are still long from summer, but I'm still going to wear my suede boots today.
  • I just picked a 4 inch long slug off my dining room floor. (Ugh! That's a first!)
  • Today is my first day as a MOPS Mentor. Here's a makeover article on their website.
  • About the sweater I am wearing, here's an old post: Elegance, on $1 a Day.

I'll try to blog a picture of my outfit later. In the meantime, would you consider answering a question?


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