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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Value of Contrast

This handy-dandy little strip is called a gray scale and gives a tool for talking about how light or dark a color is.

Take the young lady pictured. If you were describing her to someone, wouldn't the first thing you mentioned be her dark hair? About a level 2, wouldn't you say?

Contrast can be achieved in any of the three color characteristics; hue, value, or saturation; but value (light or dark) is what I believe we notice first.

How that relates to getting dressed:
  • The hair is the basic frame for the face. The garment that completes the frame, as illustrated in my previous Focus on the Face, should be roughly the same color value as the hair.

  • Two colors worn near the face could repeat the color value of the hair and skin, especially in a high contrast combination such as is shown here.

  • Alternatively, when wearing just a color that approximates the skin tone, combine it with white or black.

From the archives, more on combining colors.

BTW, I think she has the perfect glasses. They enhance her eyes.


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