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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pantihose, Skivvies, and Slips, Oh My!

Far and away, googling pantihose questions is the number one way new readers find their way here, with slip queries next in line. In this post from last April, Pantihose Do You Wear Them?, and especially in the comments, readers and I discuss whether or not they are a necessary evil. This time of year, most of us are wearing tights for warmth.

To determine hosiery color "from scratch", I use the length-balancing principles I explained here, in How to Wear a High Waisted Skirt. For abundant specifics on this topic, and more, Ask Alison.

Skivvies, aka thermals or long underwear, are a winter necessity here in the mountains of the Great Northwest, much warmer and more comfortable than nylon stockings. I wear these daily. Under jeans, of course.

With skirts and dresses, I dodge the need for a slip with an old-school style-enhancing feature: LINING. Frankly, and I own this as a strong personal preference, slips just don't work well. How many otherwise well-dressed women ruin their entire look with a slipping slip? If it doesn't have a lining, I just wait to wear it until the weather's warm enough to go stocking-free.

Slightly related, Jenn and I were talking in comments over here about socks (context: not looking dated). What kind do you wear?


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