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Friday, December 29, 2006

Things Are Not Alright in Bloggerland

Given the fact that my primary photographer took her camera and went on vacation for a week, and that it took much of yesterday to get her there, presently I am awaiting back-up photographer's arrival; I have not yet taken the pictures for today's fashion lab. :(

In the meantime, I posted a small thought over at my Titus 2 blog and it has become obvious that all is not right with Blogger. The post is there, somewhere, but not at the top of the main page. *?*?*

So I am at the mercy of Blogger (and my back-up photographer). Will we indeed have a fashion lab today? I hope so.

Update: In the end, it was neither Blogger nor my back-up photographer that scrapped, or at least postponed, today's planned photo shoot. It was equipment failure. To avoid these kind of technology-based problems, follow the Bargain Queen's advice. Admittedly an old article, but the truth of it (especially #1) affects me everyday. Have I ever mentioned that I blog from a Windows ME operated computer?


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