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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Wardrobe Improvement Goals for 2007

Many thanks to all who answered my New Year's question concerning your personal wardrobe improvement goals for 2007, thereby giving me another day to consider mine. Not nearly as profound as any of those submitted, mine is simply this:

to fill in my wardrobe of accent tops (basic tee-shirts, dress shirts, etc.)

Mentally my wardrobe exists in three building-block-type components:

  • Bottoms. Skirts and trousers. Most often, I think of shoes and socks in conjunction with these.

  • Top Layers. Jackets and sweaters, blazers and sweatshirts. Thinking of these sometimes leads to considerations of outerwear, as well.

  • Accent Tops. The mortar that holds outfit together. Necessarily flattering to the face, I am missing some of these bread-and-butter basics (like a white dress shirt). I guess that makes sense that my challenge would lie in this arena, since this category of clothing is considered an accessory by some.
There you have it, my top priority wardrobe challenge (to myself) for 2007.

May I suggest a goal, if you don't have one already? Invite a friend over to help you organize your closet and advise you on what to biff. Tessa is willing to come and do it for free if you pay her travel expenses, as am I.

But here's the catch: what you commit to get rid of leaves with me. No changing your mind later.


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