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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Combining Cool and Warm Colors

I'm beginning to suspect that not everyone is obsessed with all the minute and mathematical considerations involved in deciding what to want and wear. (What do you suppose ... the eyes glazed over? the nervous laughter? no comments in my in-box?) So, in case anyone still reads this, this one's for you: try combining cool colors with warm ones, rather than wearing all one or the other.

I realize this runs counter to the 1980s, Color Me Beautiful era, advice. But because most people have both cool and warm colors in their personal coloring, it works.

Some good cool/warm color combos:

  • White with Brown (my current favorite)
  • Charcoal Grey and Ivory
  • Navy and Orange
  • Black and Camel
  • Red, White, and Blue

P.S. I've been blogging for over a month now, 35 total posts. A Salty Fashion Tip and Beauty is in the Eye are both about colors also.


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