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Friday, January 06, 2006

Woke Up in the Center of My Universe

I woke up this morning in the center of my universe. Not a good place to be. You see, I was supposed to leave the house at 9 am, but it was 9:03 when I woke up. Groggily, I rolled out of bed and made the tough decision between calling in not-coming (but I was the one who was supposed to "open") and going, but without doing anything but brushing my teeth. And, since I don't have cup-holders in my car, I also had to choose between making coffee at home or skipping it. A real recipe for being self-focussed!

So I found myself at the church (I was the first one there), with my coffee, and more than a bit of mental confusion. Then I launched into a diatribe on the evils of short skirts, without really looking around first. Honestly, the issue of skirt length is complex and a few off-the-cuff comments can't really cover the whole subject. (Is there a stealth pun in that sentence?)

Just one more evidence that I'm destined to be someone's annoying person. Nobody's perfect.


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