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Monday, April 24, 2006

Crazy, With Shirt

So we went to the Crazy Shirt Party. I was pretty sure I wouldn't win a prize, and I was right, but I didn't think people would think my husband's African shirt crazier than my Italian one. I got a couple of votes, but he came in 7th place! (Out of about 15.) The prize? A handy-dandy cell phone charger (I think it works with my future lap-top).

In this picture, and the person who took it didn't seem to think it at all strange that we wanted two pictures--one with faces and one without, you can just see my shirt under the jacket. I didn't wear the jacket the whole time, only when I was sitting in front of the door, but I will probably wear the combination again, even without a crazy theme.

What I really wanted you to see, though, is dug's cool African shirt. We actually met this young man who was a student here in town and he brought over a trunkload of stuff for us to look at. His family makes it all: shirts for men, shift dresses for women, a few little decorative boxes, and loads of gorgeous jewelry. If he ever gets a web-site up, I will definitely link it, but for now, dug's enjoying his uniqueness. And apparently so were a few people at the party.


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