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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Event Dressing

Consider these words of wisdom from the Bargain Queen:
So when The Bargain Queen finds a cheap dress that looks great on her she buys it, even if she doesn't know when she'll wear it. Buying three ten-dollar dresses but only wearing one is still cheaper than buying a single new dress... over ten times cheaper!

And best of all, it takes all the anxiety out of dressing for a formal event, since The Bargain Queen usually has something to wear hanging in her wardrobe ...

She's so right (and if you click on the quote you can see her recent $5 purchase). In my post A Single Dress, I talked about having a go-everywhere dress on hand; I have a simple one. I also have a formal. And the $20 black dress I referred to in Cost Per Wear is still hanging, unworn, in my closet. Just below the knee, sleeveless and fitted (with beading around the neck and armholes!), I will no-doubt need it next holiday season, if not for a summer office shindig or a nice dinner out. I'm ready.

So, consider perusing the dresses when you are thrifting, or op shopping as they say in Australia. You could save alot of money. Or just your image.


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