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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How I Am Feeling About Coutorture These Days

How am I feeling about Coutorture these days?

  • One, and this is important to me, as a partner, I feel RESPECTED. Yes, I realized that my blog's name was truncated (appearing as Between My Peers), I don't mind. It gives me ideas.

  • Two. Based on my content that has been featured on Coutorture, I believe the editors when they say "Coutorture's mission is to highlight the wealth and diversity of the fashion blogosphere while creating an online fashion community that is open and accountable to all." Again, respect. My viewpoints would not be welcome in many venues, but Coutorture is proving to be more open-minded, for lack of a better word, than most.

  • Three. As a consumer of fashion media, I am loving the opportunity to see highlights from blogs that I either don't have time to read or simply haven't found yet.

You can watch a promo video, which I understand is very good. I, on the other hand, cannot watch it, due to either:

a) My non-existent computer-hacking skills.
b) My stone-age computer. Or
c) My itty-bitty dial-up straw.

Oh well. Perhaps one of you intrepid readers will watch the video and then come back and leave us a Plugged In type review.


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